Karen Lally Hypnotherapy / Hypno-analysis
Karen Lally Hypnotherapy / Hypno-analysis

Here are just a few of the conditions that can benefit from Hypno-Analysis

  • ANXIETY, STRESS and PTSD – Sometimes described as ‘fear spread thinly’.  Everyone has nerves and anxiety at stressful times in their life.  Sometimes there’s a good valid reason for it, maybe you’re getting married, or you have a driving test or exams coming up, or you are starting a new job.  This is understandable and should pass after the event has gone.  But if you are suffering constantly you just can’t concentrate, can’t sleep and have a permanent state of that churning feeling in the pit of your stomach, you feel stressed, nervous and 'jumpy' all the time, you simply can’t relax, perhaps  you suffer from nightmares or you feel the urge to run or to hide, then any of these symptoms can be treated with Hypno-analysis by getting to the root cause of the problem and removing it, thereby alieviating the symptoms.


  • PHOBIAS - Or irrational fears.  You could be terrified of spiders, wasps, dogs, rats, snakes, open or enclosed spaces, the doctor or dentist, driving, public speaking, vomiting, darkness, water, flying.  In fact just about anything on the planet.  These are all caused by a subconscious response to real or imaginary situations, the more it happens to you, then of course the more you are going to dread that situation before it actually arises.  If it has stopped you doing the things you want to do then why not book a free initial consultation with me, where I will be happy to answer your questions.

  • TEARFUL and EMOTIONAL - Do you feel that you are crying at ‘the drop of a hat’.  Maybe you cry at everything such as films, the news, or even on hearing happy things.  Then you really are simply full of emotion from your forgotten past events, memories of the things that you thought you had dealt with at the time.  This is quite easily helped with Hypno-analysis, we can remove that emotion and help you to focus on a more balanced future.

  • ANGER and JEALOUSY – Are you ‘flying off the handle’ at the slightest thing?  Do you feel angry all the time?  You can explode when hardly provoked.  You may think you are just ‘fiery’ but those people around you might not agree!  Are you jealous and suspicious?  Is it causing you problems in your relationship?  If any of these issues are affecting your life, then it’s time to get some sessions of Hypno-analysis.  This is simply a build up of locked emotion and subconscious unresolved issues.


  • LACKING IN CONFIDENCE -  Do you like to sit at the back of a room in the hopes you won't be picked out or noticed?  Do you feel uncomfortable at social gatherings or around other people? Do you feel uneasy eating around others or going into public toilets? Or are you just generally lacking in  confidence? All these symptoms can be helped with Hypno-analysis.

  • WEIGHT CONTROL – Whether you are slightly overweight and just need a little help or you feel that your eating has got out of control.  Or if you have an eating disorder of any kind, you can be helped with Hypnosis.  Ring me now to see how I can help you.

Need an individual consultation?

Simply call me now for a free initial consultation, no hypnosis will occur, just a chance to meet me to chat and ask questions.   Tel: 01606 330692

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