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Karen Lally Hypnotherapy / Hypno-analysis


I first became aware of Neil’s therapy through my father back in 1989.  Neil is an incredibly experienced and successful hypnotherapist / hypno-analyst.  Having been in practise for many years, he went on to develop his ‘Successful Hypnotherapy‘ training course and book. He has contributed hugely to the use of hypnotherapy as a therapeutic aid.


I became a member of The International Association of Hypno-Analysts and was trained by Neil and went on to be mentored by him for many years before his semi-retirement. 


Hypno-Analysis is a simple, safe and effective way to treat people suffering from anxiety, emotional or stress related problems and nervous disorders.  All symptoms must have a cause and by finding and removing the originating causes, we can subsequently relieve the symptoms. You should also gain an amazing understanding and insight into yourself.


These symptoms can range from mildly emabarrassing to seriously disabling.  Stress, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, stutters, stammers, eating disorders, phobias, sleeping  difficulties, both male and female sexual problems, blushing, inhibitions, social phobia, confidence issues all respond very well to 'Hypno-Analysis.  Eight to ten weekly sessions are usually sufficient.


The list of symptoms is endless - so if find that your particular symptom or problem is not mentioned anywhere on my website, then please, just ask me about it!


I have specialised in Neil French techniques for more than twenty five years and have also successfully treated children using Neil French’s ‘Blow Away Technique’. A safe and pleasant way of treating  children while accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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