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Following in my father’s footsteps, I have been involved with Hypnosis since 1989 and trained as a Hypnotherapist / Hypno-analyst with Neil French and The International Association of Hypno-analysts.


I am a member and Fellow of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy gaining an advanced diploma and acting as a therapist supervisor.


I specialize in problems and symptoms with an emotional or psychological cause and anxiety related issues.  And of course very personal problems.


I would be delighted to answer your questions at the free initial consultation.  If you have a symptom or a problem that is not mentioned anywhere on my website then please, just ask me about it.


I am a member and Fellow of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy and gained an advanced diploma and a therapist supervisor.

(Formerly known as The International Association of Pure Hypno-Analysts)


(Formerly known as The International Association of Hypno-Analysts – Neil French)


Over more than twenty five years I have successfully treated thousands of adults and children, from all over the UK and abroad. Using a special technique called 'Hypno-Analysis', I have assisted people with PTSD, stutters/stammers, headaches, panic and anxiety attacks, eating disorders, sexual problems, fears and phobias, lack of confidence and social phobias, serious illness and sometimes problems of a physical nature, in fact any problem where emotional or psychological forces are involved.


There are many symptoms and conditions for which anxiety is at the root.  For example, fears, phobias, post-traumatic stress syndrome, panic disorder and genralized anxiety disorder.


Emotional problems, psychological problems, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, stutters, stammers, headaches, PMT,  blushing, children's problems, sleeping difficulties, jealousy issues, sexual problems, anger issues, headaches, stress, shy bladder, relationship difficulties, commitment problems and many other symptoms, all usually respond very well to 'Hypno-Analysis'.


I am a highly experienced hypnotherapist, hypno-analyst and trained in psychotherapy and counselling.  I hope you will find me to be warm and friendly, trustworthy and extremely down to earth.  I will listen to you in a warm and cosy environment. Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.  If you don't see your particular symptom or condition mentioned anywhere on my website, then please just ask me about it and I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Exam nerves, driving test nerves, job interview nerves, pre-wedding nerves and weight control and smoking cessation respond very well to hypnosis using a technique called Suggestion Therapy.


We all need a helping hand at least once during our lifetime so call me now, for good honest advice and see how I can help you.


Phone me for a free brochure and a free initial consultation is offered at no obligation to yourself. 01606 330692  (Northwich, formerly Winsford and Chester)



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01606 330692

Common client questions...

What is hypnosis?

Are my sessions confidential?

Can it help anxiety attacks / anxiety disorder?

Can it help phobias or fears?

Help for eating disorders?

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