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Frequently Asked Questions

Common client questions include:

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion.  It is a non-addictive power for good and is a natural manifestation of the mind at work. There is no such feeling as the hypnotised feeling, just a feeling of calmness and relaxation.  Think of that Sunday morning feeling where we are awake, we can hear all the everyday sounds in the back ground, but we have our eyes closed and we just don't feel like stirring at that moment.  But if something suddenly required our attention then we would simply jump up and deal with it.

Can hypnotherapy help with phobias and fears?

Yes, by removing the originating causes.


Are my sessions confidential?

Yes.  Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Can I speak whilst in hypnosis?

Yes, and when undergoing a course of hypno-analysis you will be encouraged to do so.

Can Hypnotherapy help my stress or lack of confidence?
Yes and a chance to resolve your personal issues.
Shall I be aware of what is happening?

Yes.  The predominant feeling of most people is – “It didn’t work for me – I never went under”.


So I'm not asleep then?

No, you are simply extremely relaxed.  This is why the technique is call 'Conscious Hypnosis'.

Can Hypnotherapy help stutters or stammers?
Yes, all nervous disorders can be helped.
How many visits do I need?

Simpler problems, like nailbiting, weight control, pre-test nerves etc. Usually require 1 – 3 sessions and the success rate is surprisingly high. Smoking cessation normally requires 1 session.  The more deep-rooted nervous disorders require ‘analytical’ rather than ‘suggestion’ therapy which usually consists of 8 – 12 weekly sessions.

Can hypnotherapy help my eating disorder?


Can ‘normal’  people be Hypno-Analysed?

Not only can be, but should be.  For an insight into yourself, it has no equal.

Can hypnotherapy help my anxiety and panic attacks?
Yes absolutely! and a sounder nights sleep….lifting of emotional causes….positive behaviour changes and a greater sense of well being.



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Common client questions...

What is hypnosis?

Are my sessions confidential?

Can it help anxiety attacks / anxiety disorder?

Can it help phobias or fears?

Help for eating disorders?

Help for sleeping problems?

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